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A lot is happening in Indian world. The Indian Reader intends to present issues that concern the commonalty of all earth-dwellers.

In a time of "who is the most powerful" and "who controls the most," the focus of earth-dwellers should be that of individuals living harmoniously on a small planet.

Already too much emphasis is placed on human difference - the breach of peace, the conflict of existence. How much of this do we as individual earth-dwellers cause, and how much is caused by superpowers?

Mother Earth continually goes through its life-affirming processes which allows us the latitude to complicate her design.

Indian "earth-dwelling" values and ethics are needed at a world level. A number of nations lesser than the superpowers' illusion face reality on a day-to-day basis.

These are our kin, for oftentimes there is no time for illusion. Just truth. The hard truth of deprivation, the usurping of inalienable rights and the destruction of traditional ways of living. The Indian Reader supports peace - but all who profess peace do not bring it.

It is a sad fact that this society has no respect for its elders or ancestors, for how is it possible to balance both your children and children's-children to respect and honor? If we believe that to study the past is to foretell the future, then the lesson will show that ":solutions" which led to massive abuses will again outweigh the sacrifices of men. Yet, lost souls may again find themselves as earth-dwellers.

Let us hear from you. Share with us your articles, comments and insights so that we may in turn share some of them in future issues of The Indian Reader.

- The Editors.

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