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bro and sister vet (warriors) happy veterans day happy native american month. im from michigan im cherokee choctaw apache ptotawatimie ojibewey mexican. i hope all that are over in iraq and afganistan or whatever conflict will be home soon be safe an thank you. tears for those who are suffering from war the affects of it i pray 4 you, i'm a reciepent of agent orange. remembering the p.o.w.m.i.a.s. peacerobe. wakema redsky.

To our Brothers and Sister who are from home may Wankatanka bless you and keep you safe from harms way. Keep strong and everyone back will keep you in our prayers. keep your medicine bags close to you at all times and pray to the little eagle and keep walking on the redroad and you all will be fine. wolfpony oregon usa

Warriors! Sometimes there's a time to stand Tall and to Fight for Family, Friends and holy right
Sometimes there's a time when Justice ends - when We break the Right with Blood on our Hands.

I pray that the Creator may enlighten All of us - for that the Suffering of the Creator's Creatures wanes - if also we ourselves are bound to stand the pain and to die poor - flying through light and shaddow and light ... we ourselves as beautiful Lights - rather than bloody shaddows ... Yours Carsten - from Deutschland - Germany

my prayers for all of you, all my love and respect to all of you, my heart is breaking thinking that you are putting yourselves in harms way, like for hundreds-of-years now. Be well, and may you all have a good day today and everyday, and something will make you smile today, warm your heart today, stir feelings of love in you today, may you all be safe today! i love you all everyday, christopher

sitting here listening to peyote songs and in the internet found this website .. I want to say thanks so much for this website that we can keep in touch with our brothers and sister that are serving in the military where ever they are .. I just want to say my prayers are always said for them in the meeting and in the special time for me in the morning always say those special prayers for you .... May you all get to see your beautiful families again and especially your grandma and grandpa thank you for protecting our land and family .... May the Creator always watch over you and keep you safe ... julie

be brave and strong as you tread the grounds of a distant land!! watch very closely to whom you extend your hand, pray for peace, and tranquility, love, and honor, and harmony. always walk in beauty, and be proud of your heritage, for you are AMERICA ..... may the Great Spirit keep you safe upon the soil of distant lands, and bring you home safe again ..... jessi in new mexico - from the J

For all our men and women that are risking their lives each day for our freedom we thank you. We pray for your lives to be spared for all your loved ones. We ask the creator for your safety always remember you are not forgotten as Native American people we are praying people .

Ahee nin Tsaa goo. There is nothing I could say or do that could ever measure up to my thanks and sheer respect I have for the HASKEE and ANZBAA warriors out there protecting my very safety and freedoms I enjoy every day at the cost of their own lives and separation from all whom they love. I have been there too and have seen all you see. All my prayers and corn pollen are given each and every day to the Diyin Dinee to help you though all the hard times. I pray for the guidance of those who make the decisions on our warriors behalf in Washington. May peace and calm prevail and may those same sprits and Hero deities who have protected us thus far, come down and smite evil in all its forms. Peace be with you and your families. May all humanity come to realize why we serve so proudly to protect our ways as Americans. Very respectfully signed HM2 Manson Navajo / San Carlos Apache

To all my brothers and sisters...Be strong, walk tall, dont look down, (except to thank Mother Earth) Ask Tonkashila for STRENGTH and GUIDANCE every day...Stand behind your Chanumpa and present it to The Grandfather often....Be thankful for what you have...Help a Widow and an Orphin today...You will be blessed....This is the teachings of "Little Eagel" It is what he would ask as he recieved from The Grandfather....Keep good heart till we meet again....
"Littlebear" IL USA

To my nephew who is stationed in japan with the military, ryan, I came upon this website this evening , and saw what you have written. It brought tears to see your name and my brother's and my dad's (in clan relations) name. You may not quite know me but your dad ran some prayer meeting for my daughter out in steamboat, Az. She was on life support in Albuq. God blessed her, and gave her back to us, many thanks to you and your family, may god bless you wherever your footsteps lay upon mother earth, may he be with you always, I pray every meeting for you, to be safe and return soon, your dad and grandpa kee misses you so much. With lots of love d. Begay and family. We love you.

I would like to send my brave heart, to all the troops of different natinalities with love, hope, faith and respects. I will always remember all of you, in all four directions. Thank you for your strengths to fight for us. peace out.
Charlene UT USA

keep ur heads up yesterdayz are over look to beter dayz to come and i hope you make it home to ur loved ones the same wayz you all lefted and i really thank youz for fighting for our countrys and every thing you do to make the U.S safe for me and every other person that callz the U.S home thanks from a young native girl come home safe
kikie mn usa

As our ancestors did in the past you continue to defend our land for we are the true native of this great land.
Gayla SD USA

yahte'e'h. Hello how are all my relatives doing today, I hope everyone is doing great. I just thought that I would go and say hello to my big sis (Adrienna) who is in the Navy and is serving her time overseas and all of my other relations that are serving in the millitary, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Aahoo! Ha'h gohna'a'h. bye-bye.
Andrew NM USA

We are all so proud of you and your daily sacrifices.

As a Sailor with 2 tours in Iraq, I deeply appreciate your messages to the troops. When I first saw it my heart was lifted in a way I can not explain. Thank you for supporting us.
Ehrmann CA USA

Let it be known to all that the GRANDMOTHERS around the world pray every Thurdsay nite at 6pm pacific time for all the Warriors to return home safe and we join with the Dali Lama for world peace!
Colline ON Canada

i want to thank you all that are over in iraq. As this 4th of july comes we all wish you a happy 4th of july and wish that you were back on us land.
cory mn usa

HOOAH !!! to all the Warriors out there. Stay safe, keep your powder dry ...
Jennifer NC United States

I want to send a prayer of safety to all the men and women in Iraq and other places of danger in the world. My heart aches for the loss of so many young lives and the generation of children who will never be born because of their death. Be safe and please know that your courage is appreciated.
Terry NY USA

We are all praying for you. May our prayers be heard and U will return SAFELY
NativeLady AZ USA

In the old days we had Warriors to protect our Villages, Tribes and people. The Men of our Warrior Societies served proudly, they were brave, honest, trustworthy and resourceful, they were Warriors by choice and training and not by birth right. We still have those Warriors today, they dress differently but their Spirit hasn't changed, their mission hasn't changed and our high regards of them haven't either. Know that we acknowledge your achievements, your bravery and your sacrifices for your people. Hold your faces up to the Sun and let the Ancestors Bless you and return you to your people safe. J. / Northern Blackfeet Nation.
Jesse Ossipee, NH USA

Wakan Takan bless our people in the other world that bring seclusion to the being.....Much blessings and prayers for the akicitas serving oyate! One day I'll be with you representing......
Tara Pine Ridge, SD USA

Ya-ta-hey hello all those warriors.
Donna Show Low, AZ USA

Ahho!! Goot Native Americans and Injuns!! We got internet out here in Iraq. I Thought I use the advantage to send a message to allll my Indians going to meeting during the weekend, and ask them to pray for our wounded and to the families tht losted loved ones. I lost a great friend last week. It breaks my heart to think about his family... and I thought how and what can I do for his family... and I thought .."pray".. and i thought to myself.."I cant do this alone.." and I remembered this website and thought maybe if I leave a message and other members maybe could pray together for LCpl Meyers from the Dineh Nation in New Mexico.. i asked my brothers and sister in helping me pray for comfort for his family. He went into the spirit world leaving behind his wife and 2 daughters.. but in spirit he will always be there. Ahho!! Semper Fi "Always Faithful!!"
LCpl Sloan   Iraq

To all the men and women seraving in the miltaary, I send my prayers from my heart. My thoughts are all of you daily even though I do not know your name, nor can I see your face, I pray that you stay strong and safe. We may not choose the war but we fight for all our people. You are warriors and heroes in whatever job you do. My son Robert lost his life to cancer when he was only 30, he was my only child. So return safely to your family. May grandfather watch over you. Salish, BC Canada

To All Red Warriors and The Red Nation People; From here, there will be blessings. Mother Earth, Father Sky. To the direction of the early Morning Eastern White Dawn, Southern Blue, Western Evening Yellow, Northern Darkness Night. To the Spirit of Eastern Blanca Peak, Southern Mount Taylor, Western San Francisco Peak, Northern LaPlata Mountains, Huerfano Mountain, Gobernador Knob. Grandfather Eastern Talking Go, Grandfather Western Talking God. White Shell Woman My Mother, Changing Woman My Mother, White Corn boy, Yellow Corn Girl. Jewelry made with different colored stones, sacred prayer stones of different colors. Water of different forms, Son of Water. Corn Pollen Boy, Corn Beetle Girl. May all of you be in Harmony, walk in beauty, and live in Happiness with all things that exist. Hozho nahasdlii, Hozho nahasdlii, Hozho nahasdlii, Hozho nahasddii (Beauty has come again).
Adinidiin CO USA

Our prayers go out to all the soilder boys and girls for your safe return back home, also to nephew Lonnie, stay strong nephew, we think of you and pray for you daily, and cant wait to have a big welcome home meeting for you. love you lots, auntie georgia
Georgia and Quanah WI USA

Ya'at'eeh to my people of Dine Nation. I miss the smell of frybread and mutton. Also the fresh smell of Dine Bi kei'ya. To my wife, Zon and daughter, Alina. Miss you guys and I love you so very much. Thanx for the support and understanding. Keep praying! I'm coming home soon to my people and to my land. Hey yah! Ahoo! And, everybody out there for your prayers, songs, and dedication. Thank you! Semper Fi!! Oohrah!
Largo Iraq

O SI O My brothers and sisters, may your walk be a peaceful one, may you ever watch and be on guard. We all pray for your safe return, We pray for your families. If you are taken, be a brave warrior and stand tall, meet with my fellow warriors who have gone befor you, peace be with you. Your Brother at One Chief Bear
Chief Bear Texas USA

May strength and courage be yours always. We are all so proud of every one of you, whatever your duties, and wherever your stations of service - we honor you and thank you. Our prayers go up often for your safety, and for your soon-return to your homes and all who love you. May you all be blessed. Walk in beauty with grateful heart, julian
Julian & Lynn AL USA

Aho!! I pray everyday for our warriors. My brothers and sisters in arms I pray for your safe return. I continue to serve my time in the marines and I too will soon be in Iraq once again. I will soon join my brothers and sisters. My familiy prays for everyone of our military members, for their families and friends. I am very proud to serve and stand by the native warriors! Continue fighting and never get complacent!! always be alert and never underestimate the enemy! aho! OOhrah Marines!!
Tsabetsaye NC USA

I can't wait 'till all this is over and you all can come home to your families! I just wanted to leave you this message and say THANK YOU!! You just dont know how much I appreciate everyone of you! I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope all is well for you and that you all get to come home soon, and Again...thank you!
Melissa KY USA

To my little sister Spec. Christina, God bless you and your little girls and your husband. I'm sorry I could not make it to your Devotion, I had to take dad back. I pray for you and your safe return. Be strong and be ready for anything sis, I love you !!!! Your Brudder, Eld :)
Eldridge AZ USA

hello to all - semper fi - this letter comes from the family of the late marine sgt k. of the Gila River Pima tribe, remember you all are in our prayers may the creator watch over you and protect you
Lance AZ USA

God Bless you all, you are not forgotten, you are in our prayers. Have faith, hope, love and charity. We hope you all return to your families in a good way.
Pine New Mexico USA

Thank-you for everthing were praying for your safe return. God bless
ja/delanda/randall nm USA

To my brothers and sisters, I pray that you are safe and that you return soon to your families and loved ones. You are forever in my prayers and thoughts. My brother is in the Army so I know what your families are going through, it is not easy for us so please be safe. There are no words to describe what we feel, I just have deep respect for all that are serving and praying for safe returns. May the Creator watch over all of you and bring you all home safe, soon. GOD BLESS.
Cheri AZ USA

To my youngest son, SGT Christopher .... All my love to you and all those along side you, May you be safe, do what's right in every way, never forget for one minute what I taught you ... what's instilled in your heart .... and may you all come back home.

I say Ahho to my brothers and sisters in arms. I keep u all in my prayers and thoughts. Ahho Admin Support!!
Sloan AZ USA

I hope that u guy's will be safe during this time and I will pray for u guy's every night and tell Henry I love him .

I wish you all very well and my family and I will continue to have you in our prayers through the days of your battle. We all know here on Navajoland that the Creator will always love you and watch over you. Take care. Love always, A' ho'
Terri AZ USA

Brothers and Sisters; You are far from home but you are not forgotten! Prayers are said, dances danced and smoke is sent on your behalf. You are in our hearts and the Creator is by your side. Return home soon to your loved ones and feel our prayers wrap you safety. WADO for your service!!!
CougarWalker England

Osiyo, to all our Native warriors. As a fellow brother in arms (Viet Nam Veteran - Soaring) know that my wife and I thank you for your service to our country. We send smoke and prayers up daily for your safe returns. May Creator hold you all in the palm of His hand always. AHO
Wayne WV USA

Osiyo Brothers and Sisters who have been walking the warriors path . We are very proud and honored in the job you are doing for us . Pray to the Creator and keep your hearts strong because you are very loved here at Turtle Island . With much respect and honor .
DryRiver&BlackOwl AR USA

I want to say thank you; it makes me proud of my Lakota brothers and sisters of all nations! I have family out there with you - we are all one - we pray for your safe return. Stay strong and remember where u come from!! Strength, honor, spirit, respect your relatives are all around u....metak uasi....all my relatives. be blessed
Woyatanwin NE USA

To all of my brothers and sisters in Harms way and those at sea, I wish you a good tour, a safe tour and a great return home. Having served twice in wars I understand what it is all about. It is not fun and it never can be. You are honored and respected for doing your duty and doing it under all but good circumstances. May you all be blessed and returned home in safety to your loved ones. D.E. Hudson, YN1 USN, USNR, USAR, USNR(TAR) Retired, Disabled American Veteran, Vietnam and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm

To all that are serving in the military, stay safe and stay strong. My family and I pray for you every day and ask for safe returns to your family. My baby brother is in the Army and he told me the other day that he might deploy in November. I am scared and I am saddened by this. It hurts my heart, not only because he is my baby brother but we are very close. We talk every day and I am grateful for that. When things happen like this, it makes you think about life and not to take things for granted, especially family and friends. So, tell your family that you love them every day because we don't know what tomorrow holds for us. Anyway, with that said, MAY THE GREAT SPIRITS WATCH OVER YOU AND HAVE A SAFE RETURN TO YOUR HOMES AND FAMILIES. YOU ALL WILL BE IN MY PRAYERS AND KEEP STRONG!!! A'HOO.
Cheri AZ USA

To All My Children serving in the military. I send you prayers from my heart. My thoughts are all of you daily, even though I do not know your name, nor can I see your faces. I pray that you stay strong, stay safe, and that you will return home safely to your loved ones. This summer I will dance at many Pow Wows and even then my prayers will be for you. I have 3 sons. None in the military. Lately there is a young man who has adopted me as his mother. He spent 17 months in Iraq. I feel his pain, which is not physical, and hope that my prayers and support will help him. Know that all Warriors are honorable. We may not choose the war but we fight for all of our people. You are all heroes in whatever job you do. Mitakuye Owasin. We are all related.
Roxanna MN USA

It's hard to know what to say considering you are overseas risking your lives for the sake of your families and ours. Please know that you are in our thoughts and that we hope that you can all come home soon to be with your loved ones. Thank you and God Bless all of you!
Vanessa Campbell, CA USA

OOrah Red Warriors!!! VMA-513 S-1 -SEMPER FI
LCpl Sloan Yuma, AZ USA

To all the Native Warriors. Never forget who you are (your clans) - Where you come from (Your Grandma-grandpa fire). Pray to our mother earth and our father sky. Do your job and come home. We believe in our native ways of life, with this we'll be expecting your return home soon. Be Careful!!
Gary Gallup - NM USA

I would like to send my greetings to all soldiers in the armed services. I had a sister that had served in Desert Storm - she was behind the tanks by 10 minutes. Every day back then, I had spent my time looking at the tv hopin' to catch a glimpse of her. I know it's the same today as your loved ones spend their time doing as I had done. Our prayers of hope and comfort go out to one and all. My daughter will be joining the Army National Guard here in Oklahoma next month. I miss her already. But I know that the natives will keep an eye out for her when the time comes, as you do now for others. God bless you all and do keep your head down.
Yancy Pawnee - OK USA

May the great spirit lead and guide all warriors on the path of truthfulness and uprightness. May all warriors seek to be seized fully by the great spirit. May their minds always be as clear as a beautiful creek coming down from its spring on the highest mountains.
Carsten   Deutschland

To the great warriors of our dine bekayah the greatest country in the world. We remember you in our prayers every weekend. From the peak of white cone to the midst of where our warriors stand, the prayers will protect all warriors. think of the azee, your tepee, your hogan, your sweatlodge, four sacred mountians and the medicine bundles. ahoo
azee beenahgaa of dine nation of white cone chapter az USA

Praying for my adopted brother, cecil, in iraq, hoping a safe return, missing you cecil
Dave coldlake, ab Canada

We will continue to pray for all of the brothers and sisters who so selflessly work for us overseas. We love you. Keep safe. You are not alone. When you feel lonely think of the spirit of clear water deep in the earth and your mother Peyote blooming in the sun of the desert.
Ronald Santa Rosa CA

listen to the older guys that have been there you will make it home.
tsaligiyi marine vet 68-73 tx usa

Thank you for all brave warriors who are defending us all. May all our prayers be heard. Our Mother Peyote bring you all home safely.
Karen AZ USA

May you all learn the lessons you need to in order to remain safe and return to your people. We are sending prayers to our Creator to help guide you.

We pray for the brothers and sisters who have left their loved ones to protect our countries. We are ever grateful for you to put your lives on the line, and we put out arms up in the air for you honorably. We pray for your safe return to all those you care about and care for you. All our love... and may the Creator bless you always.
Youngredeagle & Songbirdwoman B.C. Canada

To all our warriors out there who are fighting for our freedom. I and my people pray for you always. Hopefully this war will end and you can come back and be with all of you families.
TaSheena MT USA

From a veteran to future veterans: For any of you who are preparing to go, are already there or have returned: Stay focused on the beauty that is around you, and promote that which is good. This will keep your spirits up and keep you safe. In the lands to which you may be sent, there are many spirits (some of the past), respect that you are in their land, and let them know that you are there to bring about good.
Barnhill Tucson, AZ USA

To all who serve, you do the world proud, stay strong, look after each other, and may the days of your life be long!!.....I will never know your names or faces, but I will Pray to The Great Spirit and ask to protect, guide and bless you all. Stand tall!!!.........YOU ARE WARRIORS!!!! regards, Rhonda
Rhonda Melbourne, Vic Australia

YAh!!! I remember my brothers in the services... I pray for all of u... stay motivated!!! Semper Fi.
Sloan Yuma, AZ USA

To: PFC. TSO!!
A brave young Dine' woman, far from the Sacred Mountains, who is overseas in Iraq, as she protects our Native Freedom. Family and friends miss you and pray for your safety. Believe in the Peyote medicine as well as your sacred Corn Pollen. When you come home, I would love to be there in that tipi meeting and sing my songs for you. Soon, I will prepare some Mutton jerky especially made from your Nali's sheep. I have also picked up some wild Navajo Tea for you. I will be sending you these as well as some pictures and stories about your dad and all the cousins. This I have done for DJ when he was there in Iraq and he found a lot of comfort from it. I sure hope it will bring you the same comfort and know that we are safe and well and that we miss you dearly. You take care, Nessa, and always look in the 4 directions =). Be safe and we love and miss you! 9/9/04 (someone's birthday is coming up!!! so expect a package!)
Vyazzie Glendale, AZ USA

The klamath tribes have put togather a treatment program for native youth. please pray for the right warriors to bring the message that is needed to be heard
ochoa klamath falls, or usa

Dont give up . You are not alone.
Reinhard   Germany

 To all of the warriors in our countries military service - may each of you take comfort in the fact that you honor the Earth Mother and Father Sky with the selfless work you do in the military. Especially now that our brothers and sisters are dying everyday as a result of the dangers they are surrounded by in these foreign lands, may we all send hope and life spirits to them all. I served in the US war in VietNam and I know from experience what war can do to a warriors spirit. Be strong and know that your brothers and sisters here, at home look forward to the day when we can welcome you back home. Know that the spirit circle reaches you, no matter where you are on this planet we call Earth. Peace, Love, Hope and Joy.
 Jim  Memphis, TN  USA

I am a Scot who is only beginning to learn from the First Americans and I am grateful for the chance. Wherever you are and whatever you are asked to do, I am sure every one of you is aware this is probably the time which will most define you as a person, to yourself and others. When you come home, you will have had an experience which only those in combat can properly relate to. Have compassion not only for those who have the tell-tale look but also for those who are grateful to have never needed to see and do these hardest of things. Fighting hard and intelligently brings honour; fighting with a mean or closed heart brings only smallness of self. I am not a fighting man. Please forgive me if I have got things wrong or shown my ignorance; but hundreds of millions of people in the world like me are thinking about what you are doing right now. They are making judgements about your opinions, when they don't even know your name. They make no effort to talk to you. If we nameless millions expect you to have compassion for the non-combatants near you, we must also have compassion for the soldier. Yours very sincerely, Stephen
Stephen Glasgow - UK  

Hello! to all my native warriors. I recently got discharged from the United States Marine Corps and was active during operation endering freedom and operation iraq freedom and also served my time in the middle east. I am thankful for the N.A.C. to have brought me back to my people (dine). Keeping my prayers in mind during the time of war kept me going and was also something worth fighting for. So with a few words of encouragment I hope that I can inspire you to do the same and return home safely. semper fi! god bless.
Richado, Cpl. Chinle, AZ USA

I am in the military. I always try to look for NAC meetings out here on the east coast but could never find one. If you know of any could you all let me know? I miss those nights when I used to go to meetings, the fire places, the drum, the songs, and thoughts, and the people .. brothers and sisters of the NAC community.
lamsteen fort stewart, ga usa

I would like to thank all the Native Warriors. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I pray for your protection in all hours of the day and night and for your safety back home to your families. Have faith and be strong. Always Walk in Beauty and let there be Beauty all around you. May the Creator be with you and keep you safe. Bless you all.
starr flagstaff - az usa

always you all are in the prayers of everyone back home. we take each day to give thanks to the native military men and women serving overseas and here in the states. as a member of the marine corps what you stand for is of great thanks to all us people here, and may you return home safe.
glen grants - nm usa

I am a sailor in the United States NAVY and I want to get back to the red road! I am also an enrolled apache from san carlos apache tribe AZ. I would like to find a where a Native American Church meeting is or close to san diego
alex san diego - ca usa

Military Personnel; You are in our prayers each and every day, and at all the NAC meetings we conduct on Navajo land. Your journey in providing us with the luxuries we live here at home will never go unforgotten. To you and the Creator above, we owe many thanks. We practice singing our NAC songs most weekends, when family comes home from Phoenix, we'll sing a song for you all, to help build strength.
Sloan Todineesdizi - AZ USA

Keep safe
San Francisco CA - USA 2/9/2004 9:24:36 PM

This goes out to my fellow americans who are from the small towns of texas that hardly ever get recognized. This a BIG SHOUT OUT FROM ROSENBERG AND H-TOWN!!!! Just know we're still proud no matter what. Keep braveness at heart, and never put those guns before the Creator. He's the only one who can really guide you through this. Remember prayer is the most powerful thing on earth and you are all in my prayers. Keep our country proud and come back safely. from ROSENBERG--NEEDVILLE--HOUSTON, TEXAS.
Rosenberg TX - USA 2/9/2004 9:23:43 PM

Thank you too all my native brothers and sisters serving in the military. Thank you Lori for making the ultimate sacrifice. You will be in our hearts forever. To all military personnel; may you return home safely and we pray to the Creator for all! Aho!
Albq NM - USA 2/9/2004 9:18:54 PM

May the creator watch over you. May the grandfathers send you visions of Truth.
Calgary Alberta - Canada 2/9/2004 9:17:23 PM

Bless you my brothers and sisters of Native / American Indian Tribal Affiliations that are overseas. I was a U.S. Serviceman, and enjoyed any positive support given to me, and my unit, in doing our job. So now it's your turn. GOOD JOB to all U.S. Service Men and Women, be it from whatever race, religious background, or creed. You are deserving of this honor, to come home and be a free person in mind, body and spirit. My thoughts, blessings and prayers go out to all of you, to ask that all return home safely. Sincerely,Stephen
Warm Springs GA - USA 2/9/2004 9:13:43 PM

Aho! My Brothers and Sisters My prayers go out to the Great Spirit to watch over you and those you love and have left at home. From all of us here at Intertribal Church of Turtle Island, we are very proud and honored for your strength and courage to continue your journey. Remember this land 'Turtle Island' was a gift from the Great Spirit with all the powers of the four directions, for Our People to take charge of, including across the Great water. As Our Forefathers told us, 'All two legged (human beings) of all colors shall join together to bring the Circle back together once again. We all can help this happen, with the scared smoke that carry the prayers to Grandfather. Aho! Ohgidasa
Lancaster Ohio - USA 2/9/2004 9:09:47 PM

To all military men and women, especially our Native Americans. Thank you so much for being strong men and women. Our people are very proud of you for carrying our proud tradition of serving our country for the generations to come. My prayers are with you for your safe return home. I have relatives serving now, so my prayers are for all who are in this horrible war. Thinking of you. Josephine
Markleeville CA - USA 12/28/2003 8:20:39 PM

To all the Natives serving in the military. To return home safely, and also to my good friend Karen in okinawa. May the creator protect and watch over you!!! With much love and respect to all the natives serving our country.
ovp ca - usa 12/28/2003 8:17:58 PM

Thank You for serving our great country and I would like to mention that I was stationed in Korea near the Demilitarized Zone - Signal Corps. I am 5th generation Otoe Indian with the honor of my great great great grandfather Big Wing Chewanacou who served in the U.S. Army during WWI as a medic in France. Truman Washington Dailey is my great uncle and I trained at Fort Sill oklahoma. Serving in the military is a tremendous hardship and I can relate to the service you are providing to us. I respect the people who serve and who have served in the Military forces. James Karanikolaou...
Laguna Niguel CA - USA 11/5/2003 11:11:44 PM

I would like to extend my deepest, sincere gratitude to all our warriors that are fighting for us to be free in this Great Nation. You are the heart of our Indian Nations, to be able to face the enemy in the face to protect our children, our future and our ways of life. Our grandfathers and your people are very proud of who you have become, a great warrior. My prayers are always heard into the early morning dawn for your safe return(s) to your loved ones and your homes between the four sacred mountains. Aho
Dine' Nation AZ - USA 10/9/2003 10:26:27 PM

To all our Native American Indians; believe in who you are and what you stand for. It takes courage, pride and strength to do what you're doing. You are in our thoughts and prayers each day. From one Native American Indian to another, we're proud of (you) all. Be safe and hurry home.Dina Masawiestewa (Hopi - From Kykotsmovi, Arizona; Ute Tribe - Ft. Duchesne, Utah)
Phoenix AZ - USA 10/9/2003 10:23:16 PM

To All Brave Native Brothers and Sisters; May the great spirit guide and protect each and everyone of you on your journeys. Our prayers go out to you and your families for your safe return home. Be strong and remember we all come from Brave people. Have faith and know you are loved.
Chandler AZ - USA 10/9/2003 10:19:53 PM

My name is Brian Hill and I am a recruit for the US Marine Corps. I want to thank all those people out there who have done what that have to support the good people of this country as well as the troops overseas. Thank you.
Rcrt. Brian Hill  
Oklahoma City OK - USA 10/9/2003 10:17:39 PM

It was so heart warming to read the words of my brothers and sisters. I was hoping to perhaps see my grandson's name somewhere, he was last in Korea, unknown where he went from there. He is a strong hearted man, sings the song with joy in his heart. His name is Ahanu, his other name is Panther. If anyone sees or hears of him tell him his grandmother prays for him often.
Gloria B  
Portland OR - USA 9/23/2003 9:24:54 AM

hello, im 25 and serving in the military. i want to thank you all for the prayers that you all give for everyone. not just the people serving in the us military. but for our leaders and also for the people of iraq and afghanistan. everyone is someones' brother, mother, sister, father. no matter who's side they are on. maybe one day we can all join in brotherhood. Thank you again.
cato garcia 8/15/2003 10:22:10 PM

hello to all my relations and my people of the red earth. I am proud to serve you in the united states navy as a third class signalman in japan. I am asking you all pray for the native warriors in iraq and other places around the world. I pray grandfather helps bring all those who have not yet returned to their families back at home. I would like to ask for prayers for my home town of Big Mountain Az. May god bless you and those who live by Hope Love Faith and Charity. AHOO
sunny - japan 7/27/2003 8:47:24 AM

i am thinking of elder Wallace Black Elk, as he is in prayer for this Earth right now. i am non-native....i have wondered all my life why this way of life has drawn me. my friend Gerald Jules told me this one day...that maybe somehow, when your mother helped out Chief George Leonards wife, many years ago, she layed down prayers for your mothers future children. that at least one of them would follow this Red Road. maybe that one is you.and so i thank Maskeegee and the elders for that and their kind hearts. and to warriors everywhere following their hearts and truth, stand firm, but with a gentle hand...because the greatest battle is won in the mind
kamloops bc - canada 7/26/2003 10:03:41 PM

Seeking more native american men & women who are serving overseas to our list of Native Americans Overseas for letters of support and care packages.
Lawrence KS - USA 7/26/2003 9:57:33 PM

Im a NATIVE INDIGENOUS person of the MEXICA-AZTEC people all of our people in North and south ANAHUAC_AMERICA are trying to get control of our ancient land given to us by our creator. What we have to do is unite the AZTEC and Native North American not only in human matters but in spiritual matters that way we can make of our land what was 42,000 years ago. In the past my people new the North Anahuac people. In today's time some people don't know we are the same people. lets go back to what we were.
DALLAS-FTWORTH TX - USA 7/26/2003 9:55:31 PM

Nothing better than having a mohawk haircut and taking my shirt off, and running up the steps to the top of Monk's Mound.
Collinsville Ill - USA 7/26/2003 9:52:10 PM

Lori, you are a light now with creator. Your life is made holy again. God watch over you and your children and all relatives in this time of greiving and sorrow, but let there be happiness also because you lived as a human being on gods earth, as one of his many children. I remember you as one of the warriors. But we shall never forget all the warriors who have fallen in this great struggle. Our women have always fought for the survival of the people. 500 yrs of occupation and we still struggle for our lands and our culture. We shall never give up, till our spirits are satisfied and our ancestors have peace, the aboriginal blood still runs deep in the earth. Lori, take your place among the millions(65 million-+- since 1492) of fallen men, women, children and elders who have gone before you and all those who will come after, continue to fight the great struggle. Aho, all my relations.
lee - tuc Ton 4/28/2003 11:49:59 AM

Helloo to every one i just want to say i enjoyed reading the comments and hope every one has fun with gods way of life. I am a long time member of the Native American Church and enjoy every aspect of the church . i just encourage everyone to help eachother any way u can weather it be money donations,food,or just helping with the labor to do so .I think that is what makes a church and wish for our younger generation to step up to the plate and learn every thing you can with an open mind and heart.I myself enjoy singing and try to help whomever i can with an ability that our lord has givin me,and i wncourage others to do also . Try to help sing or whatever u can thats whats makes a church . God Bless Everyone and may you all Walk in Beauty .
ponca city oklahoma - usof a 4/23/2003 11:52:01 AM

Lori you will always be my hero. You are such a strong native american woman that risked her life for our freedom. Thank you. You made so many native tribes come together. The hopi tribes is proud of you.
Kykotsmovi AZ - USA 4/16/2003 10:49:45 AM

It is with Great sorrow that Tuba City's has lost one of it's finest Warrior...Lori Piestewa...she was one of the eight dead soldiers found during the resue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch on March 23rd. To the Family of Lori Piestewa....our Hearts weigh heavily for the loss of your daughter/sister/mother...every person that she was to your family....To: Lori, we have great respect for your courge to fight for what you believed have touched the Hearts of everyone. You will greatly be missed. MAY YOU WALK IN THE LIGHT OF THE GREAT SPIRIT....WALK IN
Phoenix Arizona - USA 4/5/2003 8:55:12 AM

To Lori Piestewa:We are praying for your safe return from the enemies hands and will not stop praying until you are safely home.
Silver City NM - USA 4/3/2003 5:25:57 PM

I like to share this poem that one of the soldier wrote... 'Wish You Were Here'For all the free people that still protest.You're welcome. We protect you and you are protected by the best.Your voice is strong and loud,but who will fight for you? No one standing in your crowd.We are your fathers, brothers, and sons,wearing the boots and carrying guns.We are the ones that leave all we own,to make sure your future is carved in stone.We are the ones who fight and die,We might not be able to save the world, Well, at least we try.We walked the paths to where we are atand we want no choice other than when you rally your group to complain,take a look in the back of your brain.In order for that flag you love to flywars must be fought and young men must die.We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear.If that's not respected, we would rather stay here.So please stop yelling, put down your signs,and pray for those behind enemy lines.When the conflict is over and all is well,be thankful that we chose to go through hell.Corporal Joshua Miles and all the boys from 3rd Batallion 2nd Marines, KuwaitWar may not be the answer...but it's real...please pray for our Warriors....
Phoenix Arizona - USA 4/3/2003 1:13:33 PM

melanie - tn 4/1/2003 9:25:42 AM

Great site. My wife is Native American and I am glad to be brought into the fold by her
rock hill sc - USA 3/31/2003 6:06:26 PM

People ask me what I think of the war. Then all these emotions well up inside me and I start to give and answer; then my spirit looks at this and decides not to answer' but says 'Allow me to consider this.' because I don't know each man friendly and 'enemy' alike has a mother; a father; a son; a daughter; ect. So in short from the way I can see it at this point both sides have failed and as a result have already lost with grandfather. - frodo failed; Bush has the ring
Dill City OK - ne ish te 3/27/2003 6:40:21 AM

Yea, though I walk through a valley of tears,A spirit of peace shall abound.My people entwined by the echoes of time;Their lives for their Nation laid down.Though my hands may be calloused and withered with age;Though the road may be weary and long;For my people I cry that their spirits be highand their battle for freedom be strong.
Mojave California - USA 3/25/2003 10:29:42 PM

Strawberry Plains TN - u.s.a. 3/25/2003 5:57:16 PM

Melanie 3/25/2003 5:46:07 PM

all mothers everywhere  
any town any state - any country 3/25/2003 5:10:32 PM

I am looking to correspond with any Native American Pastors in the Southwest that are on the
mckinney tx - united states 3/25/2003 9:41:46 AM

aho my brothers and sisters; remenber grandfather always provides. during theese tough times remenber the songs of your church' the strength of your peoples..keep the good mind , ,keep your good heart show that we are a strong loving nation. WE LOVE YOU!! COME HOME SOON MAY THE GREAT SPIRITS EVER PROTECTIVE ARMS HOLD YOU THROUGHOUT ETERNITY AHO!!!
all american girl  
oak ridge tn - u.s.a. 3/21/2003 10:54:50 AM

I pray for the Safety of our Brave Warriors who are now in Hostile territory. I pray that the Great Spirit will Protect you all Day and Night. Keep Faith and stay connected with the All Mighty One, and you shall all conquer, the enemy.
Phoenix Arizona - USA 3/19/2003 8:20:54 AM

Yateeh shi dinee I'm from Arizona. I'm a female navajo and in the military. Ijust wanted to say thanks for all the prayers and never forget the ones far from the four sacred mountains, pray for their families to be strong and not to worry about them while they are in Kuwait. I'll be leaving within the next 2 months so pray for the warriors.Semper fi
nelly n.c. - usa 3/19/2003 8:10:34 AM

Ya'at'eeh, Hello, i would just like to extend my greatest thanks to those who are serving our country in the time of need. May they always be protected and safe, and have the great spirits watch over them.
Newcomb NM - USA 3/19/2003 6:30:12 AM

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